My New Hope Diary

Where the heck have I been?!?! I know i' been 100 years, but I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off and loving every minute of it. I've been doing this crazy thing we call LIFE. I had the honor and pleasure of being apart of the world premiere of the new musical The New World! We began rehearsals in October and started performances at the Bucks County Playhouse in November. What an amazing ride. It's a wonderful heartwarming comedy that was filled with the most wonderful people. Truly felt lucky and blessed to be there and I miss it so.

A major perk of being apart of this new musical was getting to stay in New Hope, PA. It was my first time there and boy oh boy HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT. I mean come on...the cottage like houses, the endless amount of sweet shops, the fine dining, the shopping, the constant smell of firewood, and the bed and breakfast on every corner (and I mean every corner); it was straight out of a hallmark Christmas movie. The cast and I were never bored! I wanted to share some photos of my experience with whoever is reading :) a charming town snuggled next to the Delaware River filled with the sweet smell of crisp fresh air, and even sweeter people!

I hope you enjoy friends and Happy New year!

<3 Annelise

The lovely Bucks County Playhouse

This is The Wishing Well Guest House, where we stayed while performing- it's the cutest thing ever!

My view during a break on a tech rehearsal day. Took a little stroll over one of the many little bridges.

The weekend my love came to visit me...ahhhh we were just so darn happy!

Here we are posing on the New Hope–Lambertville Bridge <3 a must see in New Hope.

A couple of New World friends and I went to Freds for breakfast! They describe it as "A little place for a little breakfast for a local crowd… with no sign and an impenetrable locked door." Because thats exactly what it is! It's a members only breakfast club and you need a key to get in! The food is finger licking good and it's as if you are dining in your own kitchen in the mornings; they know you and you know them. Did I mention that they have a "park your mug" station? Yeah, I did say that. Members go there all the time so its only appropriate to be able to have your own mug you use every time :) It's simply delightful there... complete with an adorable dog that sings happy birthday to you (yes, you did read that correctly.) I cannot wait to go back and stuff my face with there corn beef hash and cinnamon bun pancakes!

Thank you for the laughs Bucks County Playhouse and thank you for the love New Hope, PA.

I'll cherish these memories forever. I am one grateful girl :)

Check out this hysterical beautiful bunch!

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