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Everyday I am inspired by so many of my friends. They inspire me musically, artistically, theatrically, but more importantly as people. Being an artist as a career is not easy; we never know when we are going to get steady work doing what we love. So as artists and as creative people...we HAVE to constantly be creating; even when we aren't "working" we are working. This is what is so inspiring. Everyday I see friends, or people I just pass in the street, creating work that they are truly passionate about on their own or with a group of other creative friends. Writing a song, choreographing a piece, painting, photography, writing and producing a play or web series....its all of the above and more. It is inspiring to see people just doing the damn thing. Getting their hands dirty constantly and making art.

In my blog I wanted to talk about things that I am passionate about, things that lift me up as a person, and things that feed me as an artist. I soon came to realize that most of these "things" are people. And then I thought..." I want to incorporate these people into my blog". So... introducing my new Spotlight Series! No rules, or agenda; I just want to introduce and share the people in my life who are inspiring to me as a person and as an artist. It'll be people I collaborate with, or people who I just want to interview and share their story. Each person talented and amazing in their own way.

First up...

I have known Abby Hassett and Chelsea Finkel since freshman year of high school! We recently got in touch because we all wanted to collaborate and do a photoshoot together. So we made it happen! We had an awesome little reunion and took some really stellar shots. These two ladies are most definitely inspiring to me. Both passionate about their craft, both talented at what they do, and most importantly both good hearted people. I am SOO excited to have them as my first inspirations on my Spotlight Series!

A little more about these two...

Abby Hassett is a recent college graduate of Endicott College. She is currently trying to find her creative vision in New York. Photographing since High School, Abby has made leaps and strides in pursuing her passion. She enjoys photographing people in both a formal studio and outside. During her process, you can see how much fun she has in trying to get the perfect shot while being goofy to make her models comfortable.

Fun Facts: "I was in a Ge Commercial in Grand Central. I can balance a Guitar or chair, anything like that on my finger. I can do a headstand on a paddle board!"


IG: abbyhassett

Chelsea is a creative director, prop stylist, and set designer based out of Brooklyn. She started her career in the fashion industry when she was merely 17 years old, taking time off from high school to intern during New York fashion week. Since then, she's cut out her own unique path within the industry through many different channels, ultimately leading her to pursue a career as a freelancer. Along with her designs, Chelsea works for Beyond Studios*, a photography and film studio in her neighborhood of Brooklyn, where she acts as a studio manager, event planner, and director of local outreach. As a woman with many passions, Chelsea is constantly on the hunt for new projects. She is always eager for the next challenge and continuously works towards her personal creative growth.

Fun Facts: " My favorite things are: glitter, star prints ⭐️, lip prints , roses , and anything pastel pink! Right now, my goal is to design the set for a major magazine editorial within the next year. Down the road, I may want to move into the film industry. Working with aesthetically-driven directors like Wes Anderson would be incredible."


IG: c.f.x.x

Take a peak inside our photoshoot below! Working with these two gals was an honor and a special treat and I cannot wait to do it again! Thank you to Abby, Chelsea, and beyond studios for making this possible!



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