The Hardest Part of the Biz

As most of you probably know I am an actor and most of my work so far is in musical theatre. Most of my closest friends and loved ones are also in the musical theatre world. It's an amazing community filled with outgoing, hardworking, talented, and some of the kindest people around. It's also the smallest community so everybody knows everybody! But thats not what I want to talk about in this post...I want to talk about what the hardest part of "showbiz" is for me. It's saying goodbye to my best friends, my boyfriend, people who I have grown's saying goodbye to childhood friends and family back in my hometown.

I am blessed to know incredibly talented folk and consider them best friends, and when someone "books" a job all of us could not be happier for one another. But it does not, by any means, make it easy to say goodbye. In the world of musical theatre we go where the job is. Wether that be an international tour, a cruise ship, a regional theatre gig...our work takes us to far away places sometimes. I am not complaining, please don't think I am! As actors we get to see some amazingly beautiful places and I am so grateful for that. But, I still miss my friends, and my family back at home. Lucky enough for us as millennials we have social networks like instagram, facebook and facetime that help us keep in touch with those friends that are traveling or those loved ones back at home.

This is why I (we) really cherish the moments that we're all in the same state. We cherish the moments we get to just sit in the living room and play a card game while laughing our heads off. We cherish the moments we get to sit down for a nice dinner and catch up on our whirlwind of a life. The moments I get to be home in NY and spend time with my family and friends are not to be taken for granted. Having a home cooked meal made by my mom, going to the movie theatre or shopping with my sister, going on a romantic date with Darius, adventuring with my best friends...these are the moments I LIVE FOR! And these are the memories I hold onto when distance comes into play.

Sorry if I was blabbing :) that being said...My girlfriend Kristina is booked and blessed and she is sailing the seven seas on AIDA Cruise Lines as a performer! I know she is going to shine. Kiani and Kristina's family threw her a going away party last week and it was nothing short of magical. Kiani played chef and made assorted pasta dishes that were delicious. The party was complete, with fairy lights, candles, a bonfire, and great company. It was the perfect way to send our girl off and this party will now be a memory I hold close to my heart. Take a tiny peek inside the party below...I don't have too many pictures of the party but I thought I would share a couple! This post was mostly for me to share my thoughts :)



Kristina and I being all lovey dovey...pretty much twinning in our floral and flowy dresses :)

Outfit: Dress- Free People, Shoes- Gap

Did I mention the next morning we went to a pumpkin patch?! Because...FALL! We had the best time just running around the corn maze, feeding baby goats, and taking pictures of course!!

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