Autumn in Harlem

Fall is almost here in NYC...leaves are falling and changing colors, and all we're waiting for now is the chilly weather. Which frankly I cannot wait for. I've always been more of a colder weather type of gal. Call me crazy, but I would much rather be in boots, scarves, and layers any day. I am a summer baby...but there is something about New York in the fall and winter. Spiced food and drinks, the decorations for halloween and Christmas, the Thanksgiving Day Parade...or maybe its quality time with family and loved ones. Whatever it is I LOVE IT! And I can't wait to embrace it even more in the months to come. So bring on the beanies and fuzzy cardigans...I am certainly ready for you!

Slowly but surely our style and environment is transitioning from summer to autumn. My girlfriends and I wanted to celebrate the new season and just spend some quality time together. With this profession we call "showbiz" there is no knowing when your closest friends are going to book a job and leave for a good amount of time. So we try and get together as much as possible...even for a few minutes before or after auditions, or grabbing brunch (my favorite thing to do). The other day we went to "Double Dutch Espresso" in Harlem to grab some avocado toast and lattes! The prefect place to grab a bite to eat and open up your laptop to get some work done. The inside is complete with exposed brick, rustic/vintage tables and chairs, chalk boards galore, and the cutest outdoor back patio (which we turned into our own backdrop for a photoshoot). It's everything you would want in an NYC coffee shop. The food was even better...mostly consisting of pastries and assorted toast (avocado, ricotta and fruit, tomato and mozzarella), as well as a never ending list of espresso, tea, and coffee for days.

Honestly, it was the perfect first taste of autumn with some of my best girlfriends. Lattes in one hand and a camera in the other...we took Harlem by storm this day. Peek inside our day below. Happy autumn friends :)



Behind the scene touchups with Kiani and Kristina


Top: Urban Outfitters

Scarf: Zara

Shoes: Gap

Jeans: I don't remember!

Jewelry: Gifts from my boyfriend and godparents :)

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